Software Release

LaunchPoint version 2 will be released beginning July 13, 2019. This will be a staged rollout and completed on the weekend. These updates will happen automatically so nothing will need to be done on your part. The update will be available when you login to LaunchPoint. Check below for new features and functions.


Design and print badge templates for cardholders. Print to local or remote network printers.

Card Enrollment

Enroll cards into the system at a reader without needing to know the card code information.

Photo Verification

Verify the person at the door is the person registered in the system through photo popup.

Scheduled Reports

Predefined reports will be added.  A user will be able to schedule custom defined reports.

Live Event Monitoring

Monitor doors, inputs, and controllers in near real-time. Acknowledge events and pull audit reports.

Video Integration

View linked video with door events and save time by not having to manually search.

Double-factor Authentication

Secure your log-in credentials further by enabling DF auth. Login in not only with username and password but also a one-time temporary code.

Active Directory

If your customer is using Active Directory, our AD connector will automatically import those users into LaunchPoint eliminating the need to hand key them into the system.