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Separate from the pack by offering cloud services to your customers.  Cloud is changing the way we sell and install access control. Your customers get the latest in features and your projects get delivered in less time and money.

Our Interface

Customers are raving about our elegant, quick, and simple to use browser-based interface.  System management can be done with a mobile phone, tablet or PC.

How It Works

Our Hardware

Galaxy’s 635-series Control Panel provides the most flexible, reliable, and complete access control & security management solution available. The 635-series hardware is robust and capable of supporting virtually any security situation.
  • Locally powered or POE
  • DOD RMF Certified
  • Secure/encrypted OUTBOUND connections
  • DHCP or Static IP Address
  • Native Ethernet/IP Port
  • Flash upgradeable from the cloud or a browser
  • Scheduled lock/unlock
  • 254 time schedules (per cluster)
  • Unlimited personal doors
  • 256 I/O Groups (per cluster)
  • 10,000 event buffer per panel
  • 50,000 card/user capacity
  • Automatically generates email/text warnings
  • Programmable duress
  • Programmable temporary cards
  • Programmable temporary access groups
  • Unlimited holidays/special days
  • 2000 access groups (per cluster)
  • Two-man access rule

Cloud Concierge

Default Features

  • LaunchPoint (Web application)
  • Mobile Apps (PersonPoint, DoorPoint)
  • Credential Management
  • Holidays
  • Access Groups
  • Time Schedules
  • Live Events
  • Custom Scheduled Reports
  • Photo Verification
  • Remote Unlock
  • Passback
  • System-wide lock down

Cloud concierge optional Features

  • Video 
  • Badging
  • Active Directory
  • IP Intercom Entry


When offering a cloud access control system to your customers, items like servers, workstations, and software licensing are no longer required.  This reduces total project cost and time.


Since computer hardware and software are removed from the project equation, less specialized IT knowledge is required to get a system up and running.  Access control panels can be kitted and preconfigured saving time on system configuration, engineering, and ordering.


Now that customers are adopting the idea of cloud-based access control; their top concerns are reliability and security. Galaxy's systems have been installed since the 1980's and rigorously tested for security to operate on the US Department of Defense network. All communications are encrypted in the cloud.


Access control projects usually come as a capital expense. Offering a cloud solution moves the cost to an operational expense, which companies prefer.  Operational expenses are easier budget and get approved.  Leasing options are also a great option for companies as these costs are tax deductible.

Break Through the Barriers

Traditionally, every access control installation has barriers to overcome.  Galaxy lessens these obstacles with our Cloud Concierge platform.

Interested in Offering Cloud?

Are you ready to offer one of the industry's best cloud access control solutions? Selling Galaxy's Cloud Concierge product can be done in a few simple steps.
1.    Sign-up to be a dealer if you aren't already one with us
2.    Sign the cloud agreement and questionnaire
3.    Come to our free factory-certified training in Maryland
4.    Start selling